Very interesting interview with animal communicator Nancy Kaiser – well worth a read!


Favorite Video Friday – Vici, the cutest little Whippet puppy

This is such an uplifting video – reminds us to ENJOY LIFE and have fun x

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Today’s Favorite Friday video will take your heart, melt it, and leave it in a little puddle on your floor. No seriously. It will.

It’s not just the cute little puppy that grabs your heart.  The two resident dogs will totally capture it too. They were so amazing with little Vici. They played with her, treated her gently and showed her the ropes.

Watching a Border Collie and a Malinois, play with this puppy was a real treat. You do not see breeds like this every day, and to see them play so gently with her tells you a lot about the owner. Border Collies and Malinois’ are extremely intelligent, high energy dogs, that are driven to do a job. They need a handler who understands their needs. The fact that they look so well-adjusted tells you that they have the very best kind of dog owner. I’d say this puppy is going to…

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An Interview with an Animal Healer

Val Beresford animal healer

Over at Talking to Animals I have interviewed London based animal healer Val Beresford. She has a wealth of knowledge and skills that can help bring our pets back to health and harmony. After chatting with Val and communicating with her dog I decided to ask her some questions about her practice. She kindly obliged and in the interview you can read about her love of all animals, her animal healing and how she makes homemade herbal remedies for people’s beloved pets.

Read the full interview at Talking to Animals

reiki for dogs

Have you had an animal healer work on your pet? Tell us how it helped your pet, whether emotionally, physically or otherwise.