You and your dog – A twinkling of a moment

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In the life of a dog and owner, there are those few special moments when you just seem to connect on a deeper level.

Maybe you and your dog have had them too – while sitting next to a lazy river or while on a mountain top or out on a long hike through the woods. It’s just you, your dog and mother nature. Or, maybe it’s just the two of you at home, hanging out, reading a book, laying by the fire or snoozing on the couch.

It’s times like these that I think about Tom and Atticus sitting on a hilltop, taking in the view, and wonder if they feel it too. That meeting of the souls. That wordless connection. In that moment, it’s just you and your dog. That’s it.

It’s times like these when I wish my eyelids were a shutter on a camera and I could just click…

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Conversations with the Wild Ones

Very interesting experiences of communicating with animals in an English zoo…

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For decades I have found it difficult to participate in activities which involved animals that had been removed from their natural habitat and brought to live in unnatural enclosures for public viewing and pleasure. Based upon my desire to improve the lives of all animals, I built a business model supporting rescues and sanctuaries globally, thus providing second chances for animals to choose their people.

An important focus of our business has been to educate people on the plight of them American Mustang, the Premarin industry (horses kept in captivity to harvest pregnant mares’ urine for hormone replacement therapy), as well as the predicament of nurse foals and feedlot foals. Our desire was to create solutions to the current situations. I have long been an active advocate of animal rights and have educated thousands in the field of horse whispering and animal communication in order to improve the lives of our animal companions by acting as their messenger and giving them a…

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Ep. 32 – Talk to your pets!

Kate Sitka

32 talk to your pets!

This episode I recorded nearly two weeks ago, but thanks to my own silliness in fiddling with the wireless modem, I managed to screw up my internet connection.

I blame Mercury.

Anyway, it’s all uploaded and ready for a listen!  I’ve answered a few questions I received over the past few months on facebook about talking with your pets and how to know when you’re succeeding.  How can you tell if your pet “gets” the message?

I hope you enjoy it!

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Fearful Foster, Francis

What a lovely developing story of animal reiki and how it can help bring about a balance and peace to any creature.

re:fresh your soul


I have been very lucky to work with this fearful guy named Francis. He’s likely lived as a stray for his entire life and has probably not had much human socialization. Though he’s curious and loves food, so, you can make a ton of progress with a dog like this.

I have been stopping by weekly for about a month now helping his foster home with training and offering Reiki each time. Francis seems to enjoy it and it appears that his foster brother and sister do, too. His foster home has been making impressive progress with him, taking him from a dog that was hiding under their deck to a dog who is approaching for attention. He’s learning to enjoy his crate after a few attempted break-outs, doesn’t mind being brushed and has even had a bath. Francis is currently becoming comfortable wearing a harness and learning what walking on…

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