Spirit Guides & Finding your Power Animal or Totem Animal

Fascinating Animals

Eagle and Buffalo

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From my understanding, we all have access to the divine realm of spiritual guidance or spirit guides, to assist us on our Journeys through life.  I believe that there is more to us than our physical, visible bodies.

We are made up of matter, as are non-living materials.  At our smallest unit, commonly agreed upon, we are made up of atoms.  But atoms themselves are made up of electrons, protons and neutrons, which themselves are composed of space and light.


In the beginning was  ……

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Getting present with your animals

It took me a while to realise just how powerful it can be to get present with an animal. At first you could be forgiven to think someone who was getting present with an animal was just staring into space next to their pet. You’d probably think they were a bit odd and needed help! The fact is, it can be incredibly healing for both the animal and the human.


So what is, and how do you get present?

It probably helps if you have ever meditated before, but in essence it’s incredibly simple to begin with. By taking your thinking level down you begin to slow the mind and body. We all have that monkey chatter in our minds that stops us from finding that peaceful state within, but by getting present we can tune it out. And what we’re left with is magic. Inner peace is something so powerful, so healing to your mind, body and soul that it’s a shame the whole world doesn’t do it!

Try sitting next to your animal friend and just focussing on your breath. Closing your eyes may help to shut off external stimuli too. Just bring your awareness to your breath and follow it. Eventually you will still the mind and that is being present. You are not thinking of the past or the future. You are just in the present – here and now. You are BEING with your animal friend, in a sacred space.

Try it and see how they react during and after. It will bring a closer relationship to you and your pet and doing it regularly will bring a deep healing for you both. It works with all animals and you will realise after a while what can be achieved in that space of purity, far from the stresses and stimulus of our everyday lives.

Take real time with your pet and just BE with them. Let me know how you get on x