Navajo Country

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Sage and Citrine

When I was 8 years old my family took one of many camping trips through the southwest. During this trip my father’s main objective was to visit National Parks in northern Arizona and southern Utah. Since we were driving from Houston Texas, we made various stops along the way to get across Texas and northern New Mexico on our way to Navajo country. IMG_0006

Being that I was born in December, my birthstone is turquoise. Now here we were in the heart of Navajo country where turquoise jewelry was everywhere and I felt I was finally old enough to have a piece of my own. I had been admiring my mother’s stunning pieces for years that she had collected on our previous trips to the 4 corners area. Now it was my turn.

After hounding my mother for days and begging her to stop at one of the many trading posts we passed, she finally gave in…

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2 thoughts on “Navajo Country

  1. Thank You so much for sharing my blog!!!! While the blogs I write are a small assortment of topics that I feel are related, I will soon be adding another one. As an animal lover and communicator, it had to be included into the mix. I’m looking forward to reading the posts I find here.
    Stephanie 🙂

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