Zoe’s Story

Sage and Citrine

Back in 2000, Zoe had been abandoned on the streets of Middlesex, NJ where she lived for about 6 mos. She usually hung out in a school yard where she received a lot of loving attention from the children. (She was one of those dogs that babies could fall all over and she didn’t care.) In the surrounding area she found food where ever she could. Some kind people would leave food out for her, others called the police. Zoe, being a Border Collie mix, was way too smart for the police. She would hide in the bushes or behind a fence when ever they came into the area. After much effort and dedication, she was lured into the yard and home of a friend of mine who lived in the neighborhood. It was also at this time that my daughter had been asking for a pet dog. So when my friend offered me the abandoned dog she had taken in…

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