Why Do We Love Dogs But Eat Pigs?

The Vegan Lily

I’ve often heard people say they stopped eating meat once they made the connection between dogs and pigs. They are both animals of similar size and body shape. Both able to experience love, pain and suffering.   So why is it seen as a terrible act to slaughter or mistreat a dog but acceptable and morally okay to inflict the same suffering on a pig?  Hopefully, this post will help you see the similarities between these two animals.


Pigs have been proven to be more intelligent than dogs, dolphins and three year old humans. They can even learn to play video games! Experimental pigs were provided with specially made joysticks that they could control with their mouths or snouts and then tasked with the job of moving a cursor around on the screen to make contact with different target walls that would shrink and move away.  The pigs were successful in…

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