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Help for dogs with epilepsy

If you have a dog or cat that suffers from epilepsy then you will know how upsetting it can be to watch your pet have a seizure. You feel helpless and want to do something to make them feel better. Luckily there is a great website that’s dedicated to helping you as the pet owner, and it’s called Canine Epilepsy.

Thanks to the dedication of the team, you will find plenty of useful information about research, diet, vaccinations and drugs which can help your pet. There are also useful resources with links to everything from reiki healing practitioners to acupuncturists and dog massagers.

Please share this post to help other pet owners who may not be aware of the help that is on hand. Epilepsy among dogs and cats is not something that most people are aware of but if we can help the owners to help their pets then their lives can be improved.

Animal Communicators Prove It’s Possible to Hear an Animal’s Thoughts

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Source:new illuminati | by Makia Freeman

animal-communicators Many animal communicators have demonstrated that it is possible to fully communicate with animals (just as with people), hearing their words & thoughts in a telepathic or energetic way.

Animal communicators are people who can fully communicate with an animal just as they would with a normal human person. The communication is telepathic and 2-way; the animal communicators can both “speak” (by sending thought out towards the animal) and “hear” (by receiving thought in from the animal).

Animal communicators have most likely existed for a long time, probably in every single culture in the world. It is only in our modern Western materialistic culture, which has been influenced by mainstream institutions of religion and science based on perceiving a reality of separateness, that such a possibility seems so outlandish. However, as the following examples show, animal communication, also known as interspecies communication, is a very real phenomenon. These animal…

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One With The Herd

I’ve just come across a wonderful documentary called ‘One With The Herd‘. It’s a trailer that was awarded “best documentary” at the 2012 Great Lakes Film Festival. It’s an inspiring video of healing and connection with horses and the relationships we can have with them in a spiritual way. For centuries we have used horses for work […]