One With The Herd

I’ve just come across a wonderful documentary called ‘One With The Herd‘. It’s a trailer that was awarded “best documentary” at the 2012 Great Lakes Film Festival.

It’s an inspiring video of healing and connection with horses and the relationships we can have with them in a spiritual way. For centuries we have used horses for work and play and yet how many people have stopped to think about how deeply connected we can be with these beautiful beasts? They are incredibly spiritual beings that are not only our teachers, but also our healers. By working with them in a peaceful state we can heal them and allow them to heal us. In a similar method to The Trust Technique we can bring ourselves and the horses into a meditative state to allow the healing energies to flow.

One With the Herd tells the story of the most powerful gift horses have to offer humans. If you have any interest in healing with animals then this might be worth the small change they are charging for the full length documentary. I know I will be buying it!


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