Animal communicators for pet loss

Martha Tousley is a registered nurse with a masters degree in Advanced Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing. She also runs the Grief Healing website which has a wealth of useful information for those suffering from the loss of a loved one. Not only that, but she has pages specific to pet owners who have lost their animals.

We all know how painful it is when our pets cross over to that rainbow bridge. The gap it leaves in our hearts can be as painful as when we lose a human friend. Sometimes we don’t have anyone to turn to, or we feel too upset to talk to anyone. Martha’s website has lots of advice for those looking to get over their grief so it’s well worth a look.

There is even a list of reputed animal communicators that offer help for those who have had their pet or horse cross over to the other side. It can be a really helpful way of bringing closure to the separation and loss we feel without our pets, whether they are dog, cat, horse, rabbit or any animal. You can also find a grief forum there which has thousands of threads and is a wonderful place to ask questions about what you are going through personally, with plenty of helpful members.

griefhealing homepage


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