Reiki with Dogs

Think Care Believe

Many moons ago, I worked for an animal communicator.  I did the books and sent out packages containing her books and Bach Flower Essence medicinals.  Overhearing many of her consultations, there’s a few things that stuck with me about life with our beloved pets.  One thing is we all can communicate to them, but when we do, do it in pictures.  Some pets know words, but most get our meaning when we picture what we want to communicate.  So, if I want to tell my dogs that we’re going to the park, I will picture the car and then driving to the park.  I say the words too, and they know it, but when my dog won’t come in, and I suddenly see a dog biscuit in my head, I’ll betcha it wasn’t me putting it there.

Another thing I learned was that when we are so connected with our…

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