The Endless Path

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The world of animal communication is a fascinating thing. The potential it offers is just bewildering. Being able to connect with animals on a soul level and understand them is something that can change the world in so many ways.

The Endless Path is a very interesting book that describes the journey one lady has with her Labrador dog, Gunny. What’s different about this book is that it is written in part by the dog!

Thanks to a very good clairvoyant who could connect with Gunny very easily, we end up with a true story from both sides of the relationship. And what makes it so wonderful is the deep insights Gunny reveals and his total understanding of his life with his human family.

Read more information about the book in this review.

Reiki with Dogs

Think Care Believe

Many moons ago, I worked for an animal communicator.  I did the books and sent out packages containing her books and Bach Flower Essence medicinals.  Overhearing many of her consultations, there’s a few things that stuck with me about life with our beloved pets.  One thing is we all can communicate to them, but when we do, do it in pictures.  Some pets know words, but most get our meaning when we picture what we want to communicate.  So, if I want to tell my dogs that we’re going to the park, I will picture the car and then driving to the park.  I say the words too, and they know it, but when my dog won’t come in, and I suddenly see a dog biscuit in my head, I’ll betcha it wasn’t me putting it there.

Another thing I learned was that when we are so connected with our…

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It’s said that animals choose their owners

The Holistic Way

I brought a rescue dog home to live with me exactly five years ago and on this ‘anniversary’ I reflected upon what a wonderful difference he had made to my life and that of my family. I thought back to an article I wrote for Sibyl Magazine last year as a Sibella Circle Member and so called Visionary Leader and wished to share it with you.

I was exhibiting at a local Mind, Body and Spirit event increasing awareness of the wonders of animal Reiki and promoting Friends Of Baxter, the good cause organisation I set up in 2015 with the intention of opening the first UK charity holistic animal therapy centre, rescue and hospital.


The gentlemen on the stand next to me wandered round to say hello and the topic of conversation quickly moved to animals, dogs in particular. He told me how he looked out of the open…

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Communicating With Horses

Very interesting animal communication session with a talkative horse!

The Rubber Curry Comb

Right. So, some people are going to think I’m a bit crazy. Off my rocker, so to speak. And I’ll probably lose any respect from the logical, scientific, and fact-loving readers. But last week Otis saw a Horse Communicator.

Sort of like a psychic. Or a median.

“What rubbish!” I can hear the cynics cry. Well, put it this way; as much as I love knowing the facts, figures, explanations, I still believe in fairies because if I said I didn’t, and one died, then I’d feel ever so guilty. It reminds me of when I asked a science teacher at school how was it possible to be religious and a scientist when the theories clash so frequently. Her answer, was that when you saw the amazing chemistry, evolution, and the way the world interlinks, it is impossible not to believe that one greater being is behind all of it…

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Between the Lines: Equine Guided Mindfulness Meditation Retreats — Equine Guided Growth Retreats

When I initially came across Katherine of Katherine’s Corner‘s blog series, Between the Lines, I thought it would be a great way to meet other bloggers the same age as I am. The Between the Lines Blog series highlights the creativity of bloggers of 50 years and older. I was not disappointed. Since the series […]

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The Essential Horse

Sky's before picture.

What I’m about to share with you may turn some of you away from my blog, but it may help some others so I’m pressed to share.

I’m known as the “Hippie Horse Chick” up here where I live in southwestern Montana. I was born and raised in Montana and spent many years being a cowgirl, riding colts, rodeoing, barrel racing and roping. I’ve definitely done my share of cowgirl type of activities, but noticed as I got older that being a cowgirl didn’t define me. The old ranchers that live around me shake their heads at me when they spot me doing something “weird”. And I’m often spotted doing weird things! But I continue to march to the beat of my own drum and work at not letting what others think of me effect me. It’s an ongoing battle, but I would rather be my own weird self and…

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